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Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

23 November 2019 3

Can I plan my wedding myself or should I hire a wedding planner? Will I need a wedding planner? What do wedding planners really do? These are the questions you are asking yourself a day after your proposal. My questions to you are: Do you enjoying planning events? Do you stress out when planning events? Do you want to remember your day as a day full of organizing and juggling different concerns and worries rather than a day filled with love, celebration and fun?

If your answer is NO, then you need a wedding planner.

Wedding Planners Solve problems. Planning a wedding is a continuous process of putting out a lot of fires. However, your wedding planner will not only solve problems that come up, but they will also foresee and prevent them. Your planner will give you honest advice, guide you, and support you every step of the way.

Budgeting, Vendors & Contracts. Not sure how much a wedding cost? Not sure what should be in a vendor’s contract or what you are about to sign? This is where your planner comes in. They can help you create an efficient budget for your event because they know what is important thereby preventing unnecessary expenses. The smallest decision can go a long way in saving you some money. Wedding planners have a huge network in the wedding industry which comes in very handy. Your planner knows which vendor to contact to deliver your vision. They can get you some good discounts too. Your planner helps you look over vendors’ contracts and explain exactly what you are getting into.

Wedding Planners are defenders of your vision. Wedding planners consider themselves superheroes, diplomats, mediators, therapists and best-friends throughout the planning process.  When it comes to protecting your wedding vision and relationship with your family and friends, your planner is your spokesperson because we know it is not easy to say no to the people we love. As a bride & groom to-be, you have an idea of what you want for your wedding but sometimes these aren’t the same ideas your family and friends have. Your planner is experienced in handling situations like this without stress or conflict, leaving everyone happy. Your planner is focused on making sure everything about your wedding is executed without a glitch.

Coordination & Timelines. Your friends and family are supposed to enjoy and celebrate with you on your special day, not work. I have attended events where the friends and family were in charge of setting up and tearing down. They were so tired when it was time to party that they all just wanted the event to end. When asked about that event years after, all everyone could remember was the work they were tasked with, not the celebration. Now that is no way for your family and friends to remember your day. Your wedding planner is entirely focused on your event and knows every moving part of your event and is there to make sure everything is right and everyone is doing exactly what they have been paid to do, he/she will also provide everyone with a timeline that will make the day easier for everyone. Your planner will ensure that your guests are enjoying themselves and not worrying about the event.

It is your day, ENJOY IT! This, in my opinion, is a very important reason to hire a wedding a planner. A planner will help reduce stress, but most importantly, make sure you are present during each and every moment of your wedding. The very last thing you want to be bothered with before and after the wedding is the setting up and tearing down of your event. Be a guest at your own wedding!

In conclusion, hiring a wedding planner is the biggest gift you can give to yourself. Your wedding is not all about the money, logistics, and decision making but about the love and celebration of unity.




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