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8 Things To Do After Your Proposal!

11 February 2020 0

You just said yes to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, but you are already thinking about everything wedding planning related. Well, I’m here to tell you to STOP! Give yourself time to enjoy the moment and celebrate for a least a few weeks. This is a once in a lifetime experience for most people. Once you are done enjoying your engagement and ready to plan your dream wedding, below are 8 steps that will help you get your wedding planning started.

Tell your Family and Closest Friends! It’s natural for you to want to share the good news with the world and there is no reason you shouldn’t. However, it’s important to share the news with your family and closest friends especially if they weren’t present for the proposal. Make sure to have the conversation via a phone/video call or in person; this makes it special to them also. Once your family and closest friends are in the know, you can go ahead and share the news with everyone else via social media or whatever means you choose. Also, take lots of cute ring pictures!

Get your ring insured and resized! This is very important because this may be the priciest piece of jewelry you own. It is very important to have good insurance coverage because your engagement ring also has a sentimental value that cannot be replaced, making it all the more painful to lose or damage it. Most jewelers offer insurance in case of any needed repairs; however, you can also add your new jewelry to an existing insurance policy. Also, it’s important to get your ring perfectly sized for a flawless look and also to prevent it from slipping off your finger.

Get emotionally and mentally prepared! Before you start the wedding planning process, it is important to get your mind and head in the right space. Make a list or a mental note of things you can do to relax during this period because, truth be told, the people you love the most will upset you and you might lose your cool at least once. It is most definitely going to be an emotional rollercoaster but having a plan in place will make it a lot easier.

Get a Wedding Planner! What goes into wedding planning? Style, theme, design, venues, wedding party, legalities, colors, guest list, etc.  All these things may seem overwhelming to you, but this is where a wedding planner comes in. Having a wedding planner is the best decision you will make in your planning process. It’s like having your own personal tour guide. A wedding planner has years of experience planning weddings and dealing with everything that comes with having the wedding of your dreams.

Discuss your dream wedding with your partner. You probably already started a Pinterest board for your wedding before met your fiancé, but now that you are engaged, it’s time to have a conversation with your significant other because it is also their day. It is important to be honest and open to include both of your visions into the wedding. You can create a new Pinterest board or mood board that includes what you both want for your wedding. Also, it is important to discuss your budget and know who will be paying for what.

Go to Counselling! Pre-marriage counselling is very important, and I highly recommend it to every couple before getting married. This is an opportunity to improve your communication, create conflict-resolution skills, and also help in setting realistic expectations for your marriage.

Plan your Honeymoon! Your wedding is about family and friends, but your honeymoon is all about the two of you. Your honeymoon shouldn’t be placed on the back burner in favor of other things. I strongly advise not compromising on going on a honeymoon for any other wedding cost that may come up. As you are making plans for the wedding also plan for your honeymoon. Your honeymoon sets the tone for your new life.

Have fun and keep it about the two of you! It is too easy to get carried away and become overwhelmed with the whole wedding planning process. I would strongly advice that you take time off to enjoy this time in your lives. You can go on an engagement moon, do a photoshoot, throw a party to celebrate being engaged and the commitment you are making to one another, spend time together without talking wedding planning. Last but not least, do not rush your engagement season!

In conclusion, you are engaged, enjoy it!



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